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Autumn Olive

Our Autumn Olive tree, Elaeagnus umbellata, was a large specimen, 15-20 feet tall with a significant girth. At least for a plant that is classified as a shrub or a small tree, it was fairly large.

Was, not is, large. We found it laying on the ground. Probably blown over by the wind we had a several days ago.

autumn olive tree in snow

It had an interesting branching habit, which can be seen in the winter picture above.

autumn olive tree fruit

It also produced an edible fruit, for which the birds never left any for us.

autumn olive tree

Visible in the picture above, is one of several rot holes in the trunk. We knew there was rotting on the inside, but not sure of the extent of the damage.

The tree grew next to the fence, and as you can see it leaned precariously. Some major pruning helped to balance the tree better. Then a couple years ago, a friend who is in the landscaping business, used a steel cable to tie up the tree so that if it fell, it would not land on the fence. It fell a few days ago, but did not land on the fence.

fallen autumn olive

The picture below shows the base of the tree trunk where it broke.

autumn olive base of trunk

Another view of the base of the trunk shows that it is hollow. I could see through the trunk and out a rot hole.

autumn olive hollow trunk

Our once large Autumn Olive has been reduced to a couple shoots growing from what is left of the stump. It will be interesting to watch it regrow.