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Spring, up close

3 march 2016

This is one of my favorite plants in our yard, simply because it was a beautiful surprise. It was a volunteer plant that into a lovely tree. There is no other like it in our yard. We do have a wild cherry tree, but it has racemes of white flowers, unlike these delicate pink blooms. I do believe it is a cherry tree of some variety, but not sure.

oak leaf hydrangea leaves

Further up hill, along the lower path in the front yard, is a pair of Oak Leaf Hydrangea bushes that are starting to leaf out. They have such interesting texture: the new leaves are hairy and the the trunk have exfoliating bark. Later, there will be fabulous clusters of white blooms.

Lining the path is a low stone retaining wall, almost more of a border. Tucked in the crevice of several stones was a small one with moss growing on and around it. The little sporophytes in the picture on the left were sunlit and caught my eye when walking down the path. When looking at the pictures on the computer I could zoom in further and I saw another tiny little moss world underneath the small stone, which is the picture on the right.

bee and pieris andromeda

On the upper path, there is the Pieris andromeda, which was pictured in the previous post as well. While it is in bloom, you can hear when you are near the bush because of the drone of bees that the flowers attract. Here is one of the bees hovering over the blooms just before it lands.

yellow flower gournd cover

At the base of the the bush is a plant that I don’t know the name of, but suspect it is in the marsh marigold family. It has very shiny flowers and leaves that make almost appear to be plastic.

blue flag iris seeds

On the other side of the bush is a small area that tends to be wetter than the rest of the yard because this is where a couple of drain pipes empty. So, plants like blue flag iris do well here. These are seed pods that have opened but the seeds have not fallen out yet. Maybe it might be worth trying to grow some from seed.

bloodroot flowers

And the last picture is from the back yard. The charming white flowers of the perennial Blood Root come up and bloom before the leaves unfurl. Each plant has a single basal leaf, a leaf that arises from the base of the stem. They are snow white on top with a blush of pink on the underside. I saved this picture for last since this is one of my more cherished plants and one of my better pictures of it.