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Garden Visitors

The many plants in our yard are not just for our enjoyment, but for creating a habitat for various wild creatures.

Recently, my way into our house was barred by a Black snake stretched across the threshold. It took its time slithering down the back side of the stairs and away into the bushes. It would pause to study me while I took pictures. By using the pictures as a guide, I was able to measure the bricks to calculate the length of the snake at approximately 3 1/2 feet long.

black snake

The leaf bug in this picture was parked under a light outside the same door as the Black snake, except later at night on another evening. It appears to be a lesser angle-winged katydid.


Early in the morning, before the sun crests over the trees, we often find bumble bees parked on flowers where the spent the night. This one might be an Eastern carpenter bee. It was resting on the flowers of a sedum plant and was starting to wake while I was taking pictures. When it started to react to the camera being close to it, I decided it was time to quit so I would not annoy it.

eastern carpenter bee

All three of these garden visitors came at a time when the light outside made taking a good picture difficult.