Squirrel Against Squirrel Proof BirdFeeder

When we first moved into our house, my husband’s parents gave us a squirrel proof birdfeeder. For over 20 years, this birdfeeder has lived up to its name, baffling one generation of squirrels after another.

squirrel proof feeder

It is designed so that the weight of a squirrel on the perch will close the door , blocking access to the seeds. It also has a counterbalance on the back which is adjustable to different weights to allow or limit larger birds or squirrels.

But it met its match the other day and lost to a smart squirrel. Maybe not as smart as just persistent.

squirrel proof feeder 2

Look at how the squirrel uses its hind feet on the counterbalance to keep the trapdoor open.

Then it figured out a method of getting the seeds without being able to see its objective.

squirrel proof feeder 3

Okay, it is  clever, but not all that clever since the first picture posted was the last picture I took. It got greedy and tried to climb over the perch and wham, the door shut.

squirrel proof feeder 4

Don’t worry. The squirrels are well fed in our yard since we put feed on the ground for the birds who don’t like feeders and for the squirrels and chipmunks who inhabit the yard too. Plus the birds flick seeds out of the feeder, adding to what is already on the ground.


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