Garden Visitor Who Slithered By

Sitting in a spot of sun and immersed in reading a book, I was surprised by a visitor that went slithering by so close I could have reach out and touched it.

black rat snake in garden

The black rat snake passed by me, unconcerned with my presence until my son and I started taking pictures. Then he took cover in my almost dead rosemary plant where he stopped to look at us from his shelter.

black rat snake in rosemary

One response

  1. Hi…I am not an admirer of these natur creatures, but I have to admire your picture taking ability…..that is sure a good shot of the snake. I think you were very calm not to jump and scare him away. I like how he crawled into the plant and became a people watcher. Quite the reverse when you were both watching him. 🙂

    May 5, 2014 at 11:21 pm

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