Female Red-bellied Woodpecker at the Birdfeeder

We often see Red-bellied Woodpeckers  climbing and foraging in our trees and during spring, we can hear them in the morning beating on the gutters.

female red bellied woodpecker

Today was the first time we have seen a Red-bellied Woodpecker visit our feeder.

Our beautiful visitor today is a female. She has red above the bill, gray cap and red at the nape of the neck whereas the male has a red patch that extends from above the bill, including the cap, to the nape. A small hint of the reddish color on the  belly is barely visible above the tail feathers in this picture.




One response

  1. This photo is amazing….clear and close enough that I feel I can reach right out and touch her. Hopefully sh and Mr. Will come back soon.

    April 30, 2014 at 12:50 pm

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