Bounty of Blooms


pjm rhododendron 1

This is the first of the rhododendrons to bloom in our yard this spring.

What a fabulous display of blooms the PJM rhododendron is putting on this spring. This bush is a good example of how pruning effects blooming. The poor bush has taken some abuse over the years, otherwise it would be much bigger and probably less blooms.

I know that sounds contradictory but it is not. I will explain. At least two, maybe three times, tree limbs have fallen on the bush. Each time I would despair that it was ruined, then I would get out the pruners and have a go at reshaping it, radically. The first time, half the bush had been broken off and the pruning had to be severe, cutting it way back.

Each time the bush got smashed, I would have to do major pruning, which would lead to the bush branching out and becoming more full with more branch tips for  blooming.

So, for all of the abuse it has taken, followed by pruning to reshape, it has responded with a bounty of blooms. If it weren’t for the smashing, I might never had the courage to do the severe pruning.


pjm rhododendron 2

One response

  1. charmers3

    This is such a beautiful tree. We have rabbits here that do the pruning every year to our Burning Bush. As a result the tree in our yard is still about 1′ high. I think next year I will wrap it with several layers of burlap and see what happens. I know this year was so hard on the wild animals, but I don’t think they will miss the few leaves that grew on this bush/
    The close up photo shows such delicate blossoms.

    April 23, 2014 at 7:35 pm

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