Replacement Birdhouse

Last autumn, one of my favorite birdhouses went into self destruct. I got used to seeing a birdhouse on the gate post and I really liked the style of the birdhouse that used to occupy the spot, so I made a replacement of similar design.

With the Blue Birds and others starting to nest in the yard, this weekend I decided it was time to round up some scrap lumber and get busy building.

new bird house

I made a few changes to the original design. The original design used 1/4 inch plywood which had to have corner bracing inside. By using thicker wood, it was easier to construct, but I had to change some of the dimensions to accommodate thicker wood. I left off the additional decorative pieces of wood on the front and roof to give plainer surface to decorate with paint.

You might notice that the new replacement birdhouse has a metal washer around the hole. To prevent squirrels from enlarging the 1 1/2 inch opening, which the Blue Birds prefer, I used a metal washer that is secured in places with two screws through holes drilled in the washer. I have done this with another birdhouse with success. The house is painted with leftover exterior house paint.

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