Blue Birds Nesting

It is the first week in March and the Blue Birds are nesting.

male blue bird in gourd house

This lovely male Blue Bird was checking out the interior of our gourd shaped bird house. This bird house was received as a gift years ago and has housed a variety of small birds over the years. It hangs from a Sheppard’s hook (see picture below) which was moved to this location not long ago. This is the first time serious interest has been shown by blue birds for this house. I guess the location and or the direction it faces is more desirable than before. The house is nicely located with open grassy areas as well as trees for shade and protection. There are also some bushes in the yard that will produce fruit later in the year.

male blue bird on hanger

In the picture above, he looks like he is lording over his prospective domain.
female blue bird in gourd house

The male bird hung around while this female Blue Bird checked out the bird house. There was a flurry of activity with them going back and forth between a small tree and the house before a heavy rain started. It will be interesting to see if they choose to stay. I hope so.

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