Rain Dance

rain dance

In the picture above, I was sitting at my computer when I noticed the rain dancing on the patio table top and had to take a picture of it.

It has rained quite a bit lately. The ground is soggy when it is not frozen like this morning. With being busy with indoors activities, the weather not making it very welcoming to work in the garden and a sore elbow, I have not been out in the yard much this winter. Usually, this time of year, I like to work on mulching the yard. My partial pile of wood chips will have to wait until the weather and elbow are both cooperating.

Meanwhile, I can still prowl around the yard with the camera on nice days and on other days enjoy the views from indoors.

One of my goals in designing a yard garden was to create interesting scenes from different points of view. I considered how it looks from: the road as people pass by, each of my next door neighbors’ view, every window in our house, and from afoot when walking around the yard.

On the days that I stay in, I am glad there is always a nice view of the garden from any window in our house.

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