Caught in the Sunlight

Light changes as the sun shifts from morning to evening, changing not only how the garden appears but changing what is revealed.

orb web

orb web

While working in the yard moving mulch, I passed by this section in the yard on the way to get a load of mulch. The spider web went unseen. When I walked back with my load of mulch, the morning sun backlit the spider web making it visible to me. It was a lovely orb web stretched between the spent flower stems of hosta plants. I find it interesting that the spider placed segments of spiral lines used as fillers in the upper right corner and right side of the web.

Later in the early evening, my husband pointed out a single spider silk extending from far up in the magnolia tree down to probably the  small weeping mulberry tree. I had just barely enough time to get the camera and take a picture before the lighting changed, putting the silk line in shadow and rendering it invisible. This picture was take at about 75ft distance from the subject, which shows that visible part of the line was quite a few feet long, extending much further up to the magnolia tree and down to the mulberry tree, and was rather thick.

single spider silk line

single spider silk line

In both pictures, the webs were only visible when back lit by the sun.

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