Common Orange Daylily

orange daylilies next to driveway

orange daylilies next to driveway

Large masses of orange daylilies give early summer color to our garden when not much else is in bloom.  A gift from a neighbor, these plant keep on giving- lots of blooms for us and lots of plant to share with other gardeners.

On the internet, I found the botanical name is Hemerocallis fulva, and their common name is  Common Orange Daylily, also referred to as ditch lilies and also, according to a friend, as outhouse lilies.

These hardy plants can tolerate terrible soil and total neglect and still bloom profusely.

They are called common for a reason, they are everywhere because they are tolerant. If you dig them up and throw them out, they don’t die. If you throw them in the woods with other yard debris, then that is where they will grow and spread. I have dug them up to divide, forgot to replant them, left them root bare overwinter and found them the next summer sitting on top of the ground flowering! Because they are hardy and can grow just about anywhere, they can become invasive.

orange daylily blooms

orange daylily blooms

For a beautiful plant, they have earned a bad reputation. The common orange daylily might tolerate neglect, but if you neglect to keep them under control, then they will invade and take over the garden, choking out other more desirable plants.

I usually plant them in poor soil (clay with no fertilizer, compost, or humus), where nothing else wants to grow, to slow down their spreading. In good humus rich soil, these daylilies multiply and spread too quickly for me to keep up with. I used to dig up  clumps and divide them. Now I dig up clumps and give them away but with a warning about their invasive characteristic.

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