Black Rat Snake

black rat snake

black rat snake

This beautiful specimen of  a black rat snake went slithering across my path when I was watering plants today. My husband and son came out to see why I was banging on the window and why I was frantically asking for the camera. I wonder if he has taken up residence to clear out the voles that are tunneling under the mulch. Or, is he visiting from my neighbors yard who recently saw one on their porch? Either way, he was shy, slithering away from us gaping humans. We left him to slither away under some bushes. Now that it is warm enough for the snakes to be out, I need remember to look before plunging a hand blindly into bushes. Although it is nonvenomous, it might bite if it feels threatened and there are venomous copperhead snakes in our area.


This update to the snake story was related to me by my husband.

Several hours after the snake encounter, one of our dogs was barking like she saw something or someone. So my husband went to the utility room to see what she was barking about and asked her to “show me”.

When she wants something, she will bark and if we ask her to “show me” she will point her nose at the object , which is usually her food container or some other food item such as a scraps of food left on the counter.

She led him to the back door, she stuck her head out the dog door and barked, but refused to go out. With some coaxing, she was willing to go out with Steve in the lead. With him nearby, she went sniffing the exact trail of where we had seen the snake, showing him where it had been. This  included going under the oil tank, where she never goes.

Her fear of going out was well founded. As can be seen in the photo above and better shown in picture below, the snake’s path was directly in front of her doggy door.

black rat snake going past door

black rat snake going past door

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