March Snow Storm- wet snow and thunder

march snow storm

March snow storm

The forecast was for rain today and maybe some snow this evening. It has been snowing all day. It was beatiful at first. Big snowflakes.

slush on patio

slush on patio

But it is a wet snow, the kind that weighs down and breaks bushes. There is at least an inch and a half of slush on the patio and front walk. And then there is the occasional thunder to remind me that it is not a typical snow storm.

bush in wet snow

bush before and after clearing snow off it

gold dust acuba bush weighted down by wet snow

gold dust acuba bush weighted down by wet snow

I spent almost an hour beating (gently) slushy, wet snow off about 200 bushes in the yard, trying to save them being broken by the weight of the heavy snow. Unfortunately, some of bushes already had broken branches. Hopefully, a little pruning and spring growth will hide most of it.

It has been gusty at times, so large clumps of wet snow kept dropping on me and tree branches kept dropping around me. By the time I was ready to quit, what was not covered by my rain coat, was soaked including gloves (second pair), pants, sock and shoes. Clearing the bushes of heavy, wet snow was quite a workout, but I stayed warm from the vigorous activity inspite of being wet. Now, I am glad to be indoors for the remainder of the day, pursuing another interest: quilting. I can enjoy watching the snowfall from my sewing room while I finish a couple quilts knowing that I saved a few bushes from destruction.

autumn olive tree in snow storm

autumn olive tree in snow storm

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