Drain System for Water Runoff

After four days straight of rain, I am glad I installed a drain system in the backyard years ago. It served well during the storm Gaston. During that storm, most of the the water went down the drain, but the rain came down faster than the small 6″ pipe could handle, so the rain water crested the wall and some spilt over. This time, it served as it is supposed to, which is to carry the water away from the house in the back yard and pipe it out to the front yard where it can drain naturally.

drain grate

drain grate

The drain grate is attached to a catchbasin, which connects it to the pipe that runs out to the lower level of the front yard, which slopes down towards the street. Erosion is not a problem since there is adequate ground coverage with plants and mulch.

To make the drain system work, I placed it in front of a retaining wall made of concrete blocks, which I built to direct the water towards the drain hole. Since a berm of dirt had to be made for the retaining wall, I built a second stepped retaining wall with lumber behind it. Since it is stepped, there are steps for walking and tiers of planting bed for flowers. Hopefully, I will get these flower beds tidied  up soon (they became over grown) and will be able to include pictures of it for you to see.

retaining wall

retaining wall

Before we had this system, stepping out the back door after a soaking rain might mean sinking ankle deep into mud.

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